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Global LINE-X Conference 2020

Training Classes and Presentations

There are three Class Breakouts that repeat three times on Friday and Saturday. LINE-X encourages you to attend all classes that apply to your franchise. There is also a special International Marketing Class that is specifically targeted to the International Franchisees (non-US and Canada). 



Presented by Marketing Manager Amanda Hall with Regional Managers Patrick Logan and Michael Tidd

Friday: 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Saturday: 8:30 am – 10:00 am & 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Stop, collaborate, and listen . . . this isn’t your typical “sit and be spoken to” class – its purpose is to help you understand marketing and give you some straightforward tools that can help you start marketing confidently right away. You will learn the process through which you analyze, plan, implement, and control different types of marketing options to develop and maintain beneficial exchanges with target buyers.

Effective marketing is critical for the long-term success of any business because it ensures that you, the owner, attract, retain, and grow customers by creating, delivering, and communicating superior, valuable, and relevant content to your customer.

Together, we’ll de-mystify marketing concepts and dive into the basics of building a solid but simple advertising game plan:

    • Traditional marketing – what it is and why it’s still relevant
    • Networking, community and guerilla marketing – LINE-X boots on the ground
    • Social media, digital media and content marketing – best practices and examples
    • Relationship management – emphasis on dealerships
    • Review marketing successes from the Franchise Network


Presented by Aftermarket Accessory Director Brian Stewart and Outside Sales Representative Tom Yash with Keystone Automotive

Friday: 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Saturday: 8:30 am – 10:00 am & 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Anyone can take orders for products, bolt them on to vehicles, and claim to be a professional. It’s your reputation as a retailer with a knowledgeable staff that puts out consistent, high-quality work that will accelerate your business. This class will teach you how to build and maintain that reputation.

The Truck Gear by LINE-X and Keystone teams will discuss important topics to help you:

    • Maximize every opportunity
    • Set appropriate expectations
    • Deliver professional work
    • Become the “go-to” shop for accessories in your community
    • Develop confident sales skills
    • Follow-up with leads
    • Take advantage of referral programs



Presented by Topline Software Systems, Director of Sales Nick Geiger and Sales Lead Shawn Randall

Friday: 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Saturday: 8:30 am – 10:00 am & 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Increase efficiency and profitability across all areas of your business through Topline’s custom Point of Sale system, specifically tailored for LINE-X Franchises.  Learn about the Topline features and custom functionality developed specifically for LINE-X that will simplify your processes,  increase efficiency and your bottom line!  Meet with the Topline Sales Leaders to discuss your unique software needs!

The Topline Software Team will walk you through the custom LINE-X program including these topics:

    • Custom LINE-X features ( LINE-X Jobs, LINE-X Click Tracking)
    • Mobile Customer Check-in  (Image Capture, VIN Decoder, Dictation Technology, E-Signature)
    • Parts Order Tracking by service order
    • QuickBooks – Direct Integration
    • Barcode scanning utilization
    • Rapid Parts invoicing
    • Departmental Sales Reporting
    • eKeystone Integration  (Keystone Automotive Operations)

International Class Sessions


Presented by European Marketing Manager Darren Hull and Digital Marketing Manager Chad Reinertson

Saturday: 10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Learn the latest digital marketing strategies and tools to use in your business. Are you getting the most from your online marketing efforts? Is your strategy working and delivering a positive return? International Digital Marketing teaches you the basic foundations of a good digital marketing strategy, how to find qualified buyers online, convert more traffic into sales and use the latest marketing tools. 

Topics to be covered:

    • Current digital marketing practices
    • SEO & SEM strategies
    • Create online sales funnels
    • Increase website leads
    • Content & video marketing
    • Repeat customer campaigns

Keynote Presentation

LINE-X Performance Selling

Presented by Shaun Bryant, President, Instructional Solutions Inc, Instructor, Facilitator, Consultant, Coach

Saturday: 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Shaun Bryant

President, Instructional Solutions Inc
Instructor, Facilitator, Consultant, Coach

Shaun began his automotive career at the age of eighteen, where he immediately established himself as a leader in sales performance. Due to his tremendous success at an early age, he was offered the position of Sales Manager. Shaun went on to become the General Sales Manager, and after five years of consistent growth and profitability, became the General Manager of a large, metropolitan, dual franchise, dealership! He knows the roles of management and of salespeople well, and is able to take both to new levels of performance.

Eventually, Shaun took his sales leadership and motivational skills to Joe Verde where he worked as a National Sales Trainer, traveling around the country teaching Dealers, General Managers, Desk Managers, and their Salespeople how to achieve new pinnacles of success.

After leaving Joe, Shaun founded his own consulting and training company called Instructional Solutions, Inc. It was then, in April of 1999, that Shaun began working with the University of Toyota and Lexus College. Shaun’s breadth and depth of experience under this partnership is extensive. He has worked as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), Pilot Facilitator, and Lead Facilitator for various courses, including their premier courses, Toyota and Lexus Quality Executive Management (TQEM & LQEM) and Toyota and Lexus Quality Financial Management (TQFM & LQFM). He was also involved with the Toyota de Mexico project charged with the task of recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and developing a core team of facilitators that would eventually deliver University of Toyota Curriculum in Mexico in their native tongue. Shaun was also selected to help launch the Scion Marque for Toyota by working as an SME and Facilitator for the Management Meetings nationwide where the basic Scion Business Concepts and Philosophies where presented to the Dealer Principles and their Senior Managers. In October of 2003 Shaun was honored with an invitation to speak at the Toyota World Convention in Tokyo Japan. He was also chosen to speak at a leadership conference in partnership with NYU in June of 2004 and in 2005 was a featured speaker at the NADA National Convention in New Orleans. Later that year Shaun worked as the lead facilitator for the national launch of the Lexus Survey Redesign as part of the Lexus Luxury Tour and as recently as 2006 worked as the lead facilitator for Toyota’s Truck Champion Initiative. Shaun has also been certified by the Gallup Organization in their Strengths Theory, Q-12, and CE-11 Instruments.

Over the years Shaun has taught for literally every manufacturer and today is able to share with you what he has learned from others, as well as his own ideas and techniques, ideas and techniques that have proven successful time and time again.

Shaun’s Level of professionalism and expertise is unsurpassed in the industry. His extensive retail background gives him credibility with his audience and His practical approach to education, combined with his energy, positive attitude, keen sense of humor, and passion for the business make him a joy to listen to. This is important to Shaun, because he believes that when learning is enjoyed, learning is enhanced. All of this culminates in his workshops as an experience for his participants unlike anything they have had in the past, an educational experience that brings about real and lasting change, providing them with a rare opportunity to develop the professional skills necessary to make their personal, automotive, and financial dreams a reality!

Shaun is an Eagle Scout, attended Brigham Young University, and is fluent in Spanish after having served a two year mission in Argentina for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Today, Shaun resides in Orem, Utah with his beautiful wife Melissa and their three wonderful boys Jordan, Tyson, and Payton.